venerdì 30 aprile 2010

Il Piazzo di Biella

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Biella (by storvandre)

Funicular (by storvandre) Cattedrale di Santo Stefano #2 (by storvandre) Piazza Cisterna (by storvandre) Palazzo La Marmora (by storvandre) Gromo di Ternengo Palace, XVI sec. (by storvandre) San Giacomo Church, XIII sec. (by storvandre) Arcades (by storvandre) Gardens (by storvandre) Oratory #2 (by storvandre)

Arcades #2

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Arcades #2
Arcades #2, originally uploaded by storvandre.

giovedì 29 aprile 2010

Piazzo di Biella, Portici

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Arcades (by storvandre)
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Torri del Veglia #3 (by storvandre)
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Piazza Cisterna (by storvandre)

martedì 27 aprile 2010

Le Langhe Albesi

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I can catch the sun

From my blog: Think BIG

I can catch the sun (by storvandre)

Alpe Veglia & Val Divedro

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When evening comes and you're on top (by storvandre)

Mountain Huts #2 (by storvandre) The wind sweeps the snow #5 (by storvandre) Downhill (by storvandre) Pizzo del Rovale #3 (by storvandre)
Smoking Mountains #9 (by storvandre) Sun (by storvandre) Like in a Glass Snow Ball (by storvandre) San Domenico, Località Prato Berto (by storvandre)

Playing with the Sun

I can catch the sun (by storvandre)  I can hide the sun (by storvandre)

Varazze, 25.04.2010

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